June 23rd 2018      10 am - 12pm
Free. Please call to register.  


Why should we read to our children? 
How do we read to our children? 
Types of books 
Other ways to enhance the reading experience

Activate your child's brain by reading to your child!

Research by pediatricians have shown that parent-child reading highly activate left-sided brain regions involved with semantic processing (extraction of meaning). 

You can improve your child's literacy development by reading to your child!


Speaker - Wong Swee Yean

Swee Yean is a storyteller and an educator.  She was formerly a school teacher who taught students ranging from those with low self-esteem and poor learning abilities to gifted and motivated high achievers. She is committed to drawing out the best in them . She is actively involved in promoting the art of storytelling, an ancient oral tradition of using stories to make us wiser. She has 14 years of experience of performing stories and teaching young and old how to tell stories effectively. 


June 23 2018   10 am - 12 pm
Fengshan Community Club
20 Bedok North Street 2, Singapore 469644
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